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Meet Nicolai Froelich
‬I am an autonomous Marketing Consultant and Graphic Designer since 2000. I started out making static design HTML websites and emails using Adobe, switched to responsive, mobile-friendly design in the past few years, and also manage and create website/blog, social media, brand identity, and print marketing. I work for clients mostly in New York and Los Angeles since I lived in those places. I am both Swiss and American and can work for clients worldwide. You can reach me by email at nicolai@happynick.com or my contact form which also lists my other social media connections. Also, check out my Email Marketing and Design portfolio.
‪How did you get started in Email Marketing?
Since 2000, I made HTML emails and sent them through Hotmail. I had no idea how many emails were getting through and that it was the wrong way. I discovered Constant Contact and MailChimp and it streamlined my updating contacts (add segment, remove, unsubscribe), allowed me to see and make marketing decisions based on analytics (open, click, bounce), automate profile updates (welcome and unsubscribe emails), create and send professional looking content for myself using permission-based marketing. Soon I started getting inquiries to do the same for non-profits, government agencies, small and big businesses, and creative people (commercial photographers, writers, artist, and interior designers).
‪What's one thing you wish you'd known when you started out?
Permission-based email marketing. While the design and best practices are always changing, the one constant is to promote relevant content to people that will benefit from it.
My clients inspire and challenge me to try new things, but I wish I had known of an email marketing community since website design and UX/UI seems to have a more established presence.
‪What are some recent emails that have stood out to you?
‬I love the overall branding identity of Starbucks (Strong coffee and hot chocolate is needed to get through Winter and get inspired for work). The email marketing features different seasonal products, entices you use the mobile app for purchases and enjoy free food and media (music, apps, books). It's a good mix of hard-sell for immediate caffeine/sugar buzz and soft-sell with the free lifestyle offers to bring pleasure to as many senses as possible.
Two others I love are Apple and Airbnb for brevity and clear marketing propositions.
Barnes & Noble needs to embrace mobile-friendly, responsive design email marketing to complement it's physical book stores and to remain competitive in the online market.
What's the one question you wish people would ask?
How long does it take to prepare my email list(s) and how to grow it organically (without buying list) so you get a truly interested and engaged subscribers? Many people say their list is too small and they want to wait until it's bigger before using email marketing.
My answer: Start organizing and promoting to your list based on what you do best, how you can help them, and who will be happy to share how you helped them. Email marketing is still the most direct, cost-effective, and time-saving method to share information.
Also think of integrating other online marketing (website, social media, surveys) and events and print business cards to spread awareness of your email marketing.
Any other advice?
Many MailChimp users forget, or are not aware, that they can allow that they can (and should) customize the subscribe, unsubscribe, forward email, profile update (and other forms) to include their brand identity (logo, overview page colors, text font, etc.).
It's the first and last place many contacts experience your branding and character.
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