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Stock licensing usage available with plainpicture.

How much do I charge?

The total fee of assignment and commissioned-based photography work consist of

Fee for Photography Production (work contract)

Fee for Granting the Rights of Use/License Agreement

Fee for Additional Services

These three aspects of the of the assignment fee are visible in the quotation, the conformation and in the invoice through the partitioning into work contract and license agreemant.

The fee is due upon delivery of work and the client has the right to use the work when the designer has been paid, which includes statutory VAT and taxes, and is to be paid without deductions.

Contact Nicolai Froehlich for Assignment work.

Visit for rights-managed stock photography.

Photography Production
This covers the production of photographic works and the development in communications design works.

The fee is calcalated by the number of hours used by the photographer multiplied by the hour rate ($200 per hour minimum).

Rights of Use/License Agreement
Since the designs represent the original intellectual creation of the author, the photographer grants the rights of use (licenses) to the client, the extent to be clearly defined in advance.

Utilisation Factors
Coresponding numbers represent the value to be added to the hour rate when calculating the Fee for Rights of Use. The total of all uses added together are multipled by the hourly rate.

Type of Use
non-exclusive 0.2
The principal may use the design; the designer may also grant rights of use to other persons.

exclusive 1.0
The principal has been granted exclusive rights of use.

Area of Use
regional 0.1

national 0.3

pan-Europan or North America 1.0

worldwide 2.5

Duration of Use
1 year 0.1

5 years 0.3

10 years 0.5

unlimited 1.5

Scope of Use
The agreement on the scope of use is based on, for example, the circulation or print-run, the size of the target group and other, similar criteria. The question of whether a design is to be used for a specific project only (e.g. a website) or else for several media is also important.
small 0.1

average 0.3

big 0.7

extensive 1.0

Additional Services performed by the photographer in order to execute the assignment according to the client's wishes will be charged in accordance to the time spent.

This includes analyses, color matching, consultancy, courier services, FTP/Internet delivery, editing, conceptual preparatory work, picture research, picture processing, presentation expenditure, printing supervision, print proofs, production management, props, reproduction, retouching, sample production, final artwork, work drawing, travel/meeting time, and contacts.

Assignment photography prices are based on my photography creative fee [includes pre-production (location scouting, securing location permits and insurance), the photography session(s), and post-production (processing and preparing photography for delivery and usage)] and photography usage fee [based the who will use the photography, the number if people who will see it and business category of your audience, when it will be used, where it will be used, and how it will be used as well as the number copies will be made in print and the number of places it will be accessible in digital media].

Stock photography fees are based on usage and prices can be obtained through the stock photography agency Plainpicture.

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