Become a Solution Provider Constant Contact partner-managed account from non-Partner Referred Accounts
Become a Managed account for free and pay as needed to get marketing help to get the most from Constant Contact. Enjoy award-winning All Star (2013 through 2018) and Certified (2019 - 2020, 2015, 2014) Solution Provider marketing, design, and results. View portfolio and read client reviews.
- Create emails for ad-hoc and automate a series of personalized messages
- Conduct surveys and gain actionable feedback
- Collect donations instantly and track progress towards your goal
- Offer coupons to drive purchases from existing AND new customers
- Run events and collect and track registration data

To grant access
Subject line
Request to Move Account to be Partner Managed by Solution Provider Nicolai Froehlich
Message in email
Constant Contact username: REPLACE WITH USER NAME
Dear Constant Contact Partner Support,
I am requesting for my account to become a Partner Managed by Solution Provider Nicolai Froehlich (username: happynick). After speaking with Nicolai, I consent to give him access to my account to review campaign results for free, create a custom mobile-friendly, responsive design email template, help with list segmentation, and contact profile automation and paid when services are needed. He plans to help with email campaigns as needed and other possible online marketing including donations, social media campaigns, surveys and event marketing.
I am aware that of Nicolai Froehlich’s award-winning, certified Solution Provider experience in his portfolio and in the Marketplace listing ( and he has known about my experience from working in the fine art and commercial lifestyle industries.
Nicolai made me aware that I will receive an email from Constant Contact to confirm authorization to manage my account. I understand I can request to be removed from being a Managed Partner at any time. I look forward to working with Nicolai.
I will contact you to inform you that you have been successfully added to my managed accounts. I look forward to working together.
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