NICOLAI FROEHLICH helps businesses worldwide (remotely) to define, create, and measure marketing with personalized email, websites, e-commerce, social media, branding, and print collateral.
Contact support
Work together safely - remotely, worldwide. Get managed marketing and live training support as needed to help through video conferences, phone, and email.
E-commerce Business Resources
Support your customers and your business through E-commerce with automated and marketing emails, online stores on websites and social media, and premium print using Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Squarspace, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Moo.
Discover how I have helped my clients and how they benefited from my experience. Read their testimonials below and see examples of work created with my clients.
Permission-based email marketing is the most effective way to reach anyone truly interested in you and your services.
Seamlessly integrate e-commerce on your website and sell more on your online store with email marketing automation.
Present your visual portfolio, stories, and integrated online store in a mobile-friendly, responsive-design website. Customize the design template to fit your style and brand.
Social Media
Share the things you love, to engage and communicate with customers and fans, and for others to share the information even further.
Your brand identity and marketing gives a sense of your personality, what you have to offer, and makes you stand out from others.
Print Collateral
Create truly unique limited-edition, ever-changing print collateral.
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