The UPS Store on Facebook business using company branded holiday season banner image and profile logo.
Case study of The UPS Store.
A store owner of The UPS Store needed help establishing and updating the social media presence to promote its services. I also managed the email marketing, updating information on the website, and search engine marketing for accurate and higher ranking results.
Below are examples of how I helped make branding consistent, encourage reviews, add content tailored to the location and respond to social media engagement on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare.
The UPS corporate office provides its branding identity and text about services to help create consistent marketing to reach its existing customers and attract new ones.

The UPS Store custom printed receipt tag with QR code link linking to website landing page to get customer reviews.

Bridge printed with online marketing.
If you have a business with a store that clients can visit, then use this opportunity to create print collateral to start engaging people and connecting them back to your online presence.
Using a QR code, you can direct anyone with a smart phone or tablet to a website, social media, etc.
The UPS Store invites customers to scan this QR code to share their experience on social media.

After scanning the QR Code, you arrive at The Website = The mother ship!

This landing page was created specifically to direct people to write Customer Testimonials on social media. I included two reviews on the page to give inspiration for reviews.


To improve search engine optimization, to show what actual customers think about your business. (yes, your thoughts count).

Please be nice because it effects everyone.

Karma! What goes around comes around! 

View analytics for free to see top performing post and followers.
The timeline is where I add content provided by The UPS Store marketing team, including keyword #hashtags and @username to let for targeted mentions, post email archive links, and add text and links that tailor the information and interest to the neighborhood.
By adding the @username, with targeted and relevant #hashtag keywords, I was about to reach and get engagement on Twitter.

A brief description of services, using keywords, provides a professional presence for The UPS Store, along with the accurate map of the location, business hours, and contact information. I updated the banner image and logo for seasonal promotions for brand consistency. I added a description linking back to the website to get more traffic.

These are reviews that help rate the business. We get reviews from a Google reviews and from the Customer Testimonials landing page on the The UPS Store website.

On Yelp, we included store photos of services with short keyword descriptions, sometimes with links, to easier make use of a service.
Consulting services include:
Consistent branding within each site.
Research and optimize keywords and content (images, text) to reach a target demographic and branding consistent on profiles.
Schedule campaign updates with image, text, and relevant #hashtag to engage targeted audiences.
Save time scheduling and monitoring updates with Hootesuite in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and Google Plus.
Measure and boost your impact on Twitter with Twitter Analytics.
Analyze campaigns with Hootsuite, Sumall, Twitter, and Google Analytics.
Automate welcoming new Twitter followers with Zapier.
Add contacts to your email marketing updates.
Encourage reviews on Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, & Google Plus, Merchant Circle.
Review the results to refine future updates.
Suggest new services that the constantly changing sites have to offer.
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