Your brand identity and marketing gives a sense of your personality, what you have to offer, and makes you stand out from others. It will become the symbol of who you are, no matter where it is seen and used.
Create a new identity and update an existing one through use of logos, colors, fonts, and spacing online and in print to create consistent branding.
It has a lyrical sensibility the way notes would be displayed on a staff. The arch represents a Legato (Italian for “tied together”) indicates that musical notes are played or sung smoothly and connected. Above is the final design. I have included other versions of the logo to show the design process.
Photographer PB equals the exactness of cross hairs in the camera lens is the new brand identity. Inspired the cross hairs in the camera lens, this logo is perfect for photography since represents the mix of scientific engineering and artistic expression in the photography industry. I have included other versions of the logo to show the design process.
Orange County-base sports and lifestyle photographer Erik Isakson asked me to update his logo to have a clean, simple, modern, and fresh look. We decided to use a different font (Gotham), to compliment the current graphic logo, using red, black, grey, and white. He loved the old graphic logo, so we decided to incorporate it into the updated brand identity.
This new look will be used for print (rubber stamps, business cards, postcards, letterhead, mailing label stickers, invoice) and digital (email newsletter, invoice, website, social media) marketing.
Social Media Logos & Brand Assets.



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