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Expanding two photography portfolios, of ancient and contemporary sites, from twenty to two-hundred photos may not seem like a daunting task, unless you consider that each photo includes information about the context of ancient or contemporary monuments and locations. This site was made with Adobe Dreamweaver using HTML and CSS. Explore the updated and expanded Website of New York-based photographer Marilyn Bridges.


Keep the old… and expand on it. This was part of the original design, and Marilyn and I decided to keep it since it is befitting of the structure and order predicated in the design of the locations. Now it shows ten portfolios of ancient and ten portfolios of contemporary aerial photography.



Each portfolio has ten images. To compliment the monumental task of archiving and representing these grand and historical locations required creating a structured layout that is befitting the order, power, and importance of these civilizations.



Show me the BIG picture. Providing archaeological content helps explain the context and relevance, as well as helps make the site useful for historical studies.



Buy the book. Many of the photographs have been published in books and are highly sought after since some are no longer in print.



Praise, insight, and excerpts from the books use the same format as the descriptions that compliment the individual photographs and the portfolios.



Share what others think of you. The Reviews page highlights the praise of peers, authors, and publications expounding on their thoughts about the importance of Marilyn’s photography.