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Easily search the articles and thoughts of entertainment writer/journalist Gina Piccalo on this responsive design WordPress website and blog which looks great on all size screens and devices. It includes the original publication logos and article artwork.


I would like to thank… The home page is like a movie trailer, teasing you with just enough information to draw you in. To view portfolios, click the images or text. The image below shows how the page would look on a mobile phone. The text and image layout changes based on the screen ratio and orientation.



Get a quick overview of each publication portfolio. The articles are represented by the cover art or image, along with the publication names.



Show me the BIG picture. The slideshow gallery highlights images for the articles with links to each article.



Keep people on your site… and take them away… It’s wonderful to be able to embed video and audio to provide a multimedia experience of the story. Also, linking to relevant articles on pages of the website and on other websites helps provide a richer content experience.



Using the search box, “Type and press enter to search” to discover any article or person she has written about. For example, I wanted to find the article about Leonardo DiCaprio, and the search showed this result.



An homage to the past, but accessible now and in the future… The original publication of the articles in magazines and newspapers sometimes include beautiful graphic design covers. They are included at the top of articles to pay respect to those designers along with plain text for easy reading and search engine marketing.



Sharing “Thoughts”. Yes, it’s just business and personal. “Thoughts” presents time-sensitive announcements and insight into the writer’s world. Entertaining and informing the left, right, high and low, you never know where the blog will take you. That, along with the Twitter tweets feeding your thirst for knowledge, will keep you coming back for more updates. Where else can you read about President Obama and Arnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger in one place outside of the political realm? Only in SoCal and here.