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View the Website and Blog of New York-based fashion and editorial photographer Michel Nafziger using a customized responsive theme design within a WordPress content management system. The website (for the portfolio) and blog (for news and events) are hosted on one place that looks great on all size screens and devices, loads fast, and is easy to update.


Home page. The design on BIG screens (desktops and laptops). To view portfolios, click the images or Portfolio text to reveal the drop down menu. Multiple images from each portfolio are shown on the home page to give a quick overview of his work.

index page. desktop view


Home page. The design on small screens (smartphones and tablets). The text menu is repositioned below the logo name so that you can easily navigate the website. The layout adjust based on the the screen ratio and orientation so that you can swipe vertically to quickly get an overview of the portfolios.



Portfolio slideshow page. This design incorporates WordPress plugins with a customized theme to allow the photography gallery to be viewed full-screen on small screens and big screens. Click (on desktops and laptops) or swipe (on smartphones and tablets) to navigate the image slideshow.

photographer Michel NafzigerView + Read more


Blog post update about exhibition. Blogs were originally intended to be a place to publish the latest updates in a chronological order, with the newest post at the top. Now the traditional blog design can be incorporated to be a place to share updates that might be related to the portfolio section or to showcase singular events and news. Did you know you can create a blog post and publish it in the past, present, or future so it appears in the order you wish. Also, linking the blog updates to other places on the site helps connect relevant information and improve search engine optimization.