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New York-based French photographer Adam Savitch asked me to create a responsive-design email template and manage sending emails, update the contact list, and set up the automated welcome email to introduce new subscribers to his editorial and advertising commercial photography.

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7 seconds. To represent a video. An animated gif teases, entices, entertains you with part of the experience. No scrolling. Just watch. Over and over. Hypnotic, it's it? Watch the full video and view the email campaign promoting it.

New York and Paris-based photographer and motion image maker Adam Savitch collaborated with New York-based Versatile Studios to create high-end concept videos for fragrances, timepieces, and other luxury goods companies.


This is a email preview within the MailChimp editor. The left side is the desktop view, while the right is the mobile device view. Notice how the text size is bigger in the mobile view so it is easy to view.




Embedded signup form on the photographer’s website.
I customized the text size, font and link button color and leading between text.